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KM20 X Dressed To Kill Capsule Collection Launch Event 02.02.2020

To confirm the rapid emergence of a new era in Russian fashion, in which there is a place not only for post-soviet aesthetics, KM20 is partnering with fashion blogger Alice Tereschenkova and her world-famous blog Dressed To Kill.

"It is a very special occasion for Russian fashion, because here we don't have a strong tradition of cross-platform collaborations yet. This is why our Dressed to Kill capsule collection was not only fun but also quite important to actually put into practice".

Olga Karput
KM20 Owner
Moscow, Russia — KM20, legendary Moscow concept store, well-known for its eager contribution to Russian fashion, is collaborating with nonetheless famous blog Dressed To Kill and will be launching a pop-up corner next February.

"We are thrilled to establish this connection between a physical store, a brand of its own, with an online brand, which Alice's blog has become over the years", said Olga Karput. "It is a very special occasion for Russian fashion, because here we don't have a strong tradition of cross-platform collaborations yet. This is why our Dressed to Kill capsule collection was not only fun but also quite important to actually put into practice. We sure hope that this event will be the first of many more to inspire local designers and make them feel included into the variety of fashion world".

The store is located at Stoleshnikov lane 2, Moscow. Pop-up corner will be open daily (11am to 11pm) for two weeks from February 2, 2020 to February 16, 2020. The collaboration offers unisex t-shirts, long sleeves and variety of branded accessories for purchase. All items refer to pink colored theme of Dressed To Kill blog.

A grand opening party will occur Sunday, February 2, 2020, 7pm to 11pm and will feature lecture 'Why we all need to forget about gender in fashion' from Alice Tereshchenkova, live dj-set from Moscow trio Digidon and pink dessert tasting. The event is free to attend, and guests are encouraged to RSVP via TimePad.

About KM20: World-famous Moscow concept store, that just celebrated its 10th anniversary last week, has been always open for new perspectives of evolving fashion in Russia. Olga Karput, the store owner, brought into Russia such brands as J.W. Anderson, Raf Simons and Yeezy. Also, she eagerly supported now famous Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vika Gazinskaya. According to Olga, the store's agenda is to bring world fashion to Russian customers and bring Russian fashion to the world.

The Man Turning Russian Fashion Into Something Real

Nikita Kalmykov is a Moscow-based designer that gained momentum in the fashion world by being a contestant on Project Runway Russia. But he's gone much beyond that in these past years. Drawing inspiration for his brand, Atelier Odor, from olfactory connections and a desire for beauty, his designs combine harsh reality with nostalgic romance. I spoke with him about his brand and fashion in general.

First of all, could you tell me when and how did your interest in fashion start?

Art was around me during all my life and it still exists. My mother is a teacher of arts. Special books, paintings were everywhere around me. She discussed with me art history, great artists and gave any materials for creativity I needed. Art activity was the only thing in my not rich family not to spare money for.

So, there was only question which direction in art to choose and after I saw few Galliano shows for Dior, I decided to be a fashion designer. I was 16. What the meaning behind the brand name ODOR?

ODOR is my life that was materialized in clothes, concepts and art works. I am inspired by people, and when I speak of scents (that ODOR exact means), I mean exactly olfactory associations with particular individuals. I am also thrilled with traveling, unexpected occasions I'm getting involved, multisensory atmosphere that is formed around me. Every detail is important to me, and when everything shapes into a harmonic picture, then it's time to start a new ODOR collection.

ODOR literally translates as smell - a hint of something ephemeral, but just as provocative as emotions and associations. How do you define your style? Who is your top customer?

My style is eclectic, it's sexy, but with different associations. It's kind of timeless, because of intimacy and lots of hidden details. So, my customer is hedonistic person, with great treasure to story of materials. Males who thirst to live their private lives full of enjoying, love and sex.

Sartorial, history, fashion: how do you combine these three elements in your work?

All these words for me are about sustainability and respecting. For me the biggest point to do fashion is rethinking historical materials, doing it carefully and professionally and to not forget about fashion trends.

Tell me something about this FW20-21 collection.

This collection is inspired by one of my lovers who lives in Bucharest. It's about fragility and youth in ugly and poor post-soviet territories. I continue to use vintage materials but now combine them with utility and useful fabrics. Again, there are lots of details with stories: for example, fabrics and sewing techniques that are copying Soviet mattresses and bed frames, or details that imitates scuffs and holes in fabrics. All vintage laces and details are like bringing back to their places from poor time when they were sold by family. Lots of vintage buttons and imitations of bed lining.

What is the key piece?

I think its warm double layer oversized shirt with removable pocket made of vintage laces.

As your designer, how do you imagine the future of fashion?

It's all about personality. And future fashion will be inspired by each person in the world. It will be like patchwork blanket.
And my last question will be... According to you, what is really Dressed to Kill?

It is unlimited imagination and dreaming without sorrow when something going wrong

Nikita Kalmykov

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